Assembly & Care

Why Strokemakers?

Strokemakers were designed to improve stroke technique, build swimming specific muscles and reduce stress on the shoulders.

Strokemakers will improve your swimming by:

  • Increasing distance per stroke by preventing early recovery
  • Improving feel for the water (flow through design prevents “dead hand” feel)
  • Exaggerating both correct and incorrect hand motions, helping swimmers and coaches identify and correct stroke faults
hand in paddle
hand in paddle

You’re new Strokemakers come with tubing that can be cut into 2 wrist and 2 finger tubes with scissors. To cut two wrist and two finger tubes from each piece of tubing, simply fold each piece in thirds and cut on a diagonal to make pointy ends that easily slide into the holes. Then cut one of the resulting 3 pieces in half, also on the diagonal. Trim uncut ends into points as well. You should have 4 pieces of tubing from each color. Place your hand on the paddle (R is for right hand, L is for left) with thumb and index finger close to the edge (see diagram) and thread the tubing through the holes over the wrist and middle finger, and back through the hole on the other side to hold the hand in this position. Adjust for comfort. You can trim the ends that hang through the back side, but leave at least an inch or they will fall out. You shouldn’t need to tie knots—the holes will pinch and hold the tube in place which also allows you to adjust the tubing as needed when training. They may also come with star stickers for customizing on the front and back! Apply the stickers to clean dry paddles and try not to touch the back of the sticker too much while applying—they will stay on in the water! Try using the paper backing to roll the sticker onto the paddle without touching the back of the sticker.

Strokemakers are designed to improve technique first and foremost and to use both a wrist and finger tube. PLEASE DO NOT ELIMINATE THE WRIST TUBE! The paddles are designed so that your hand remains open and relaxed and the tubing keeps your hand in position on the paddle. Removing the wrist tube causes the hand to cup in an attempt to “hang on” to the paddle during some phases of the pull in various strokes as well as causing the hand to shift position which changes the shape of the paddle in relation to the hand. Questions? Doubts? Give us a call or send an e mail!!

Strokemakers can be used in all 4 competitive strokes for drills, pull sets, stroke work, and sprint-assisted training. Try using fins and achieve race pace and body position in practice! When swimming fly with paddles avoid circle swimming to prevent collisions with teammates. Try dropping down a size or two during taper to increase turnover rate and reduce muscle stress. Going up a size or two is beneficial for focusing on distance per stroke and increases “feel” by exaggerating both correct and incorrect simplifying corrections.

Strokemakers are also great for Synchronized swimmers, water aerobics and rehabilitation exercises as they increase strength and sculling skills.