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Strokemakers have been made in Arizona, USA since their creation from all USA sourced materials.

Speedshop has been run by the family from our garage (and living room!) since 1987 and we still try to send every order the day we receive it.

Walter Schlueter, founder of ASCA, Hall of Fame inductee for technique, ASCA level 5 coach, and Ousley Award winner, was the original designer of the concept for Strokemakers way back in the 1960s while coaching the Arizona Desert Rats. His wife, Nancy Schlueter, US National Champion, Ousley Award winner, and ASCA level 5 coach, patented Strokemakers in the 1980s. They have coached dozens of Olympians and US National Champions and are well known for their stroke technique training.

Strokemakers are designed to improve technique first and foremost and to use both a wrist and finger tube.


The paddles are designed so that your hand remains open and relaxed and the tubing keeps your hand in position on the paddle. Removing the wrist tube causes the hand to cup in an attempt to "hang on" to the paddle during some phases of the pull in various strokes as well as causing the hand to shift position which changes the shape of the paddle in relation to the hand.

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Strokemakers can be used in all 4 competitive strokes for drills, pull sets, stroke work, and sprint-assisted training. Try using fins and achieve race pace and body position in practice! When swimming fly with paddles avoid circle swimming to prevent collisions with teammates. Try dropping down a size or two during taper to increase turnover rate and reduce muscle stress. Going up a size or two is beneficial for focusing on distance per stroke and increases "feel" by exaggerating both correct and incorrect simplifying corrections.

Strokemakers are also great for Synchronized swimmers, water aerobics and rehabilitation exercises as they increase strength and sculling skills.