Strokemakers™ by Speedshop Int’l., Inc.

Strokemakers by Speedshop Int'l., Inc. were designed to improve stroke technique, build swimming specific muscles and reduce stress on the shoulders.

Available in 7 sizes and suitable for training and drills in all competitive strokes as well as for swim-run competitions, physical therapy, synchro sculling drills, body surfing, and water aerobics.
Strokemakers will improve your swimming by:
  • Increasing distance per stroke by preventing early recovery
  • Improving feel for the water (flow through design prevents "dead hand" feel)
  • Exaggerating both correct and incorrect hand motions, helping swimmers and coaches identify and correct stroke faults
  • Strengthening the swimming specific muscles while reducing street on the shoulders
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The newest version of the original strength and technique improving Strokemaker Hand Paddles!! Star Spangled Strokemakers come with 2 complete sets of tubing that you can mix and match in fun color combinations. They also come with 20 water proof star stickers for customizing on the front and back! Same great stroke and strength improving design! Makes a great gift for any swimming enthusiast!

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Original Swedish Goggles

New Blue Oil Metallic and Jewel collection now available!

The real thing, imported from Sweden! While not for everyone, these hard plastic goggles (custom fit due to “assembly required”) are the preferred racing goggle worldwide since they tend to be the least likely to fall off on entering the water from the start.

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Mesh Equipment Bags

The best mesh bags we have seen and used! These are very durable 24’”x36,” drawstring top, mesh equipment bags, perfect for you paddles, fins, kick board etc. They include a canvas ID tag that is easy to write on with a permanent marker. A great way to contain your equipment at the pool and easy to hang to allow everything to dry between practices. Made in USA

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Replacement tubing for all paddles.

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